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Get quick answers to the most common questions we receive from customers

What is the definition of Virgin Hair?

“Virgin” means guaranteed to be unprocessed, free of any hair color or chemicals; retaining all cuticles in its original healthy state. Virgin Hair is considered one of the most luxurious hair extension types on the market. Each bundle can vary slightly in texture and wave pattern since it comes from different donors.

Can the weft be cut?

We do not recommend cutting the wefts as it will increase shedding. However, if you do decide to cut your wefts, make sure to wash it right after to remove the loose hairs.

Can I color this hair?

Yes, our hair is virgin human hair, therefore, you can color the hair, we recommend that you only have your hair colored by a licensed professional in order to keep the integrity of the hair. After coloring your hair, we advise that you deep condition over night to restore moisture.

How long will the hair last?

Our hair textures, with proper care, will last you 12 months or more. You will definitely be able to install multiple times.

Number of bundles needed for a full head?

14”-20”- 3 bundles or more
20”-26”- 3-4 bundles or more
 28” and Up- 5 bundles or more

How to maintain the hair?

Your Dolché hair should be co-washed with a moisturizing conditioner at least once a week and shampooed every other week to avoid product buildup which can cause tangling and additional shedding. It is also good to deep condition once a month. As well as this, we advise that you tie your hair up every night while also brushing it every morning and evening to eliminate snags. Treat your bundles how you would treat your natural hair!

How much does each bundle weigh?

Each bundle weighs between 3.2-3.5oz. Also, please note that, the longer your bundles, the shorter the weft.

Can I go swimming with my bundles?

Yes, you may go swimming with your hair. However, we do recommend braiding your hair or pulling it up into a ponytail or bun before swimming to keep your hair from tangling. However, you MUST wash your hair right after swimming. Make sure to also add a spray in/ leave in conditioner after.

Does this hair shed?

Any hair that has been manufactured to be stitched on a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding which is absolutely normal. Minimum shedding meaning the hair will never have a noticeable or drastic decrease in its density or volume. However, proper maintenance is extremely important and advised.